Wompat LITE Baby Carrier Geo

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Wompat LITE Baby Carrier Geo

Wompat LITE Baby Carrier Geo

  • Wompat LITE Baby Carrier Geo
  • Wompat LITE Baby Carrier Geo

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Light weight and easy-to-use Wompat LITE baby carrier is the number one carrier for both babies and toddlers! The panel of the carrier is made from soft cotton fabric with decorative print. The shoulder straps are comfortable black cotton twill. You can choose from two adjustable sizes: the baby size is suitable from birth until about 2 years (minimum weight 3,5 kg / 7 lbs)  and the toddler size is for about 2 - 5 years old children (maximum weight 25 kg / 55 lbs). The width of the carrier is adjusted with a detachable adjusting belt. Wompat LITE is comfortable, simple and affordable baby carrier and it fits well into your nappy bag. You can carry the baby at the front facing towards your body, at the back and on the hip, too. Wompat baby and toddler carriers are carefully hand made in Finland (EU). An illustrated instructions manual will be included (English). Read the instructions HERE.

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The main features

  • Recommended weight limits: baby size 3,5 - 20 kg (7 - 40 lbs) and toddler size 10 - 25 kg (22 - 55 lbs)
  • Easily adjustable width
  • Fits for parents of various sizes and shapes
  • Front carry, back carry and hip carry options
  • Two styles for front carry: with straight shoulder straps / H shape or you can cross the straps on the back
  • The buckles of shoulder straps can be opened -> enables crossing on the back & hip carry
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with perfect fit buckles -> suitable for small sized parents as well
  • Chest strap included
  • Additional support for baby's neck by folding the upper part of panel
  • High quality, strong and safe materials
  • Machine washable
  • Option for customization: decorative fabric of the panel can be chosen, also possible to order petite shoulder straps or longer waist straps
  • Made in Finland (EU)
Wompat LITE kantoreppu ominaisuudet
  1.  Adjustable width
  2.  Adjustable height
  3.  Opening buckles -> crisscrossing shoulder straps possible
  4.  Light & comfortable waist
  5.  Chest strap / Neck strap included
  6.  Shoulder straps with PFA buckles -> suitable for petite parents

Guideline for ordering

If it says "In stock" next to the product model type, we will ship the order right away. Otherwise we will make the carrier by order and the delivery time is about 18 days. If you need smaller shoulder straps or longer waist straps, please order our Wompat LITE Custom product.

Wompat LITE baby carrier
Wompat LITE baby size carrier with a 6 months old.

The panel & adjusting the width

The baby size Wompat LITE carrier is suitable for newborn babies from about 3,5 kg (7 lbs) on. The panel is adjusted narrower for small baby with the adjusting belt that comes with each carrier. The adjusting belt is placed around the lower part of the panel and it's tightened with a small buckle. The panel should go from baby's knee-pit to knee-pit. By changing the position of the adjusting belt you can also adjust the height of the panel. Find more detailed instruction HERE. The carrier is supporting baby's head and neck when the upper edge reaches baby's earlobe. You can fold the upper part behind baby's neck. When the baby grows the carrier is gradually adjusted larger. The adjustments are stepless and therefore you can alway shape the carrier just right for your baby. Depending on the individual growth rate of each baby Wompat baby carrier can be used until about 2 years of age. The toddler carrier fits from about 2 years and up to 5 years. The toddler carrier comes with the adjusting belt, too.

Shoulder straps

The shoulder straps of Wompat LITE baby carrier have moderate soft padding. The straps are not too bulky or thick and therefore they fit snugly on the shoulders and spread the weight widely and evenly on the shoulders and upper back. Soft high quality, allergy friendly padding is used inside the shoulder straps. The length can be adjusted with "perfect fit buckles" (PFA) which makes the carrier suitable for smaller sized parents as well. You can also get the baby closer to your body if you lightly tighten the PFA buckles.

The buckles at the ends of the shoulder straps can be opened which enables carrying on the hip and crisscrossing the straps on your back. Many parents find crossing the straps very comfortable and it's a good idea to try, if you have narrow shoulders or if the straps don't settle comfortably in the normal H-position. Shoulder straps can be tightened in two directions: this way you can always make the final tightening by pulling the webbings forwards. Each Wompat carrier comes with a detachable chest strap. The shoulder straps of the baby size Wompat can be adjusted between 39 cm and 54 cm. The shoulder straps of the toddler size carrier are a little shorter. The baby size Wompat LITE carrier has been quite suitable for even small parents. For the toddler size we recommend Petite straps, if you are using clothing size XS-S and are below 160 cm tall. Order our custom made Wompat LITE Custom.

Waist belt

Wompat LITE baby carrier doesn't have a padded waist belt at all. The carrier includes wide waist straps that are attached to each corner of the panel and they are adjusted with a buckle. Wompat LITE is worn "apron style" which means that at the starting position after fixing the waist buckle, the panel is hanging straight downwards and the decorative fabric is facing towards your thighs. When the panel is lifted up and over baby's back, the fabric forms a pouch for baby's bottom. This type of waist will settle quite nicely on the hips or waist both at front carry and back carry. Many parents find the waist very comfortable and don't require thick padding.

Carry a small baby high against your chest and wear the waist strap as high as possible. Baby's head should be close enough to kiss her top of the head. As the baby grows you can fix the waist straps lower. At the back carry it's also good practice to wear the carrier high - the waist buckle can be placed right under the breasts. The higher you carry the child the lighter it feels to carry her. Waist straps can be adjusted very small so the carrier fits well for even slender parents. The maximum setting of the waist straps is 140 cm. If your waist is larger, we recommend ordering a custom made carrier with longer waist straps: Wompat LITE Custom

High quality materials

We use only the best materials for our baby carriers and most of them are purchased from local businesses in Finland. Our aim is to make Wompat as strong and long lasting as possible. We want to choose pure and safe materials - all our fabrics comply with the oeko-tex100 standard as well as the yarns used on Vanamo woven wrap.  Oeko-tex100 standard ensures that the fabrics do not contain any harmful chemicals. The basic structure of the carrier is made from good quality airy cotton. A decorative fabric layer of cotton prints or woven wrap is added on the front side of the panel. The shoulder straps are made from comfortable cotton twill fabric.

Wompat LITE baby carrier
Wompat LITE baby size with a 1 year old

Measurements, can vary with +/- 1 cm:

Baby size: panel width (between baby's legs)22 - 41 cm
Baby size: panel height49 cm, about 10 cm will be folded under baby's bottom
Toddler size: panel width30 - 50 cm
Toddler size: panel height54 cm, about 10 cm will be folded under child's bottom
Shoulder straps, baby size39 - 54 cm
Shoulder straps, toddler size34 - 48 cm
Waist52 - 140 cm
Wompat LITE toddler carrier
Wompat LITE toddler size with a 4 year old


  • Decorative fabric of panel: cotton print fabric (Öko-tex100)
  • Back side of panel: 100 % cotton (Oeko-tex100)
  • Shoulder straps: 100 % cotton (Oeko-tex100)


Spot-clean any small stains. Wash the whole carrier only when needed. You can wash the Wompat in a machine, use a program for delicates & cool water (30 Celsius). Use only a small amount of liquid washing detergent. No fabric softeners. Hang dry. Shape the carrier while still moist. The panel and the hood can be ironed: cotton / linen with medium heat and wool / silk with low heat. Do NOT iron any of the padded parts!

Made in Finland

Wompat LITE toddler carrier
Wompat LITE toddler size with a 4 year old

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